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10 July 2013 @ 12:21 am
Pictures from Tumblr  
I've been rebuilding my neighborhood Ranseive since it broke. Now it is called Babineux, but nothing has really changed except for the homes and the neighborhood itself. I'll be using the same Ranseive tag for now. I shared some pictures of my progress on tumblr as I'm slowly rebuilding and improving things. Unlike Ranseive, I'm trying to make as many homes and businesses myself as I can (since building and decorating are my weaknesses, this will give me practice to improve)

(The picture above is of two pets that belong to a new family I made)

I moved Mitzy and Thrush in first, since they were the last family I had played. The layout of their house was a maxis home, but I re-decorated it from what it was in the old neighborhood.

Since Judith left with the family dog when I last played, they got a new dog as well as a cat.

I also moved the Pertulles in, this is Gill and Lieu's daughter Quoko playing with Mitzy and Thrush's older son.

The first thing Lieu and her children did when they moved in (Gill the vampire ran upstairs to nap). I actually moved them into a different house after this.

The first community lot I built was a tiny pet shop.

I moved Nenette in next, with a new dog. She has her own small "house" but is is mostly cluttered with research supplies.

Not the most colorful house..

Clang and Cybelle, engaged in Ranseive, moved into their own nice house. Clang is going to open up a robotics/mechanics shop. He build them a servo named Rembrandt.

Clang kept the cat that he and Joule had when they were roommates.

I never posted about this family before, but they are Luther, Laverne (blond) and Spetz (brunette). Luther and Spetz are werewolves. Laverne and Spetz are a couple.

Priscilla and Joule can be spotted at the H&M club (which I did not make).

Beryl got her own itty bitty house with a big garden. This time I made her an actual plantsim, since I have Seasons now.

And that's all I've taken pictures of so far.
Take Care!
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perisla on July 12th, 2013 07:08 pm (UTC)
Looks like you've made lots of progress on your rebuild! The families all look great and so do all your buildings and decorating!
needlecream on July 13th, 2013 01:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'm very happy with how it is going. It takes more time, but it is worth it.
arcane_antics on August 17th, 2013 01:26 pm (UTC)
Everything looks so amazing! Very pretty Sims, and the pets are ADORABLE. I adore the first two... ginger kitties are my favourite <3
needlecream on August 17th, 2013 01:54 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you for reading!! I love ginger kitties, too.