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Important Notes:
(1) - I've backed up all of my downloads on sims file share. Links to the folders for categories are available below. I'm going back and trying to add individual links on my posts as well.
(2) - I have gone through my downloads and replaced any missing images with the originals if I had them, or new ones if not. The only type download I didn't do this for was actual sims. If I accidentally skipped a download, let me know!
(3) - Livejournal likes to mess around with the formatting of this post by eating letters and punctuation marks. I apologize.

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Twisted Tween Dress with No Sleeves - Request fulfilled

Finally fulfilled a request at GOS. Here's the original post. Removed the sleeves from these dresses.


This download includes:
1. My edit of the original mesh, removing the sleeves and making a new fatmorph. You cannot have the original mesh and mine, they will conflict.
2. The original recolors of the mesh with the textures edited to work with the new mesh. Like the mesh, these are edits of the original files and will conflict with the originals.
3. A few new retextures of the mesh by me, the green dress in the preview is my texture. The purple one in the preview is from the original textures that I fixed to work with the new mesh.

Unshared CC Dump - Part II

Here's part 2 of my dump of unshared CC. There's still a tiny bit more to come, but I'm trying to share things in order of how "complete" they feel.

Here's a retexture of CatofEvilGenius's boatneck top. I believe the fabric overlay I used is by Trapping. I really just applied the overlay and then fiddled around to make some colors. Typically I lean on CuriousB's any color you like color actions, so I'm sure I did that here as well.

Download - mesh, preview, and swatch included.

I shared this preview on tumblr years ago to see if anyone was interested, but I didn't follow through. Rented Space did the original mesh and I slimmed down the sleeves and added bare feet. I hand painted the entire kimono, then added stockings and a pattern. Two recolors, this one and a grayish purple. Categorized as sleepwear

Download - Mesh and preview included. Not sure if it has morphs or not.

Here's a retexture of Slig's dress for female elders. Some dresses are hand painted with a pattern added, others are just maxis tweaked textures. There are a few of these I'm not really happy with, so feel even more free than usual to delete the ones you don't want.

Download - Mesh, swatch, and preview included.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! I still have some cooking to do this morning. Yesterday I put together 33 sweet potato pierogis from scratch (it took over 3 hours), and this morning I've already made chimichurri potato salad. I still need to cook the pierogies and make some gingerbread cookies.

Take care, everyone!

Unshared CC Dump Part I

As the first part of my dump of CC that's been sitting around unshared, I have some tees and lips for you. I'm sharing these first because they felt the most like "complete" downloads. The next dumps will be a bit more random and have my sort of half-finished projects.
Another announcement: I think I've fixed all of the previews for my downloads that aren't actual sims. I'm not sure if it's worth fixing the actual sim downloads. If I missed a clothing/skin/etc download, please let me know! I even re-took previews that I no longer had.

(another preview)

First some tees for AF, in 12 patterns plus a white retexture (not previewed or swatched.) These are on the untucked tee mesh by HP here. The mesh is NOT included, you probably already have it. It's a popular mesh, I've done similar tees on this mesh already. I used the same base shading and alpha for these, but I think the seams might be new. Art used on the shirts is not mine, check here.

swatch and previews included, not the mesh

And basically the same thing for AM, only no plain white recolor included. I think I did these first, actually, then I did the AF ones because I had more patterns I wanted to use. No mesh needed for these, they're on a base game maxis mesh. Same base texture as these tee shirts which is by fanseelamb, here. Patterns for these and the AF version are from Pattern-a-Day.

swatch and preview included, no mesh needed

I've had these lips for so long that I don't remember where the actual texture came from. I might have made the lip blend myself, but probably not. If you recognize them, please let me know so I can give proper credit! I think I had always intended them for personal use, so I didn't document the credits. I did color them myself. Most shades work well on dark skins, and a few are great for males. I believe the alpha is pooklet's?

swatch and preview included

Sentate Ponytail shared on GOS

Hey there! I posted a new download on GOS for the low poly theme. To be honest I've had this hair hanging out in my game for years.
It's a retexture of this hair by Sentate, blending the original textures and pooklet's textures. I used pooklet actions to make the natural colors, but they don't match exactly. I just did the basic black, brown, blond, and red. I also did pink, purple, and green unnaturals.

(mesh included)